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Since 1973 Irin M. Powell pioneered the Moving Industry in the Cayman Islands. In 1982 IMP Agency Ltd. was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Irin M. Powell initially with one other employee in a 1500 square foot facility.  The business was started to fill the need of relocation into the Cayman Islands by the booming financial sector of the islands at that period of time. Since its inception the company has blossomed along with the economy of the Cayman Islands.

IMP is undisputedly the island's premier Moving, Storage, Freight and Transportation Company.


featured services
  • Custom brokers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Experts in Packing
  • Crating & World-wide Shipping
  • Household Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Door To Door Relocation
  • Transit Insurance
  • Courier Agents
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